Trials & Tribulations is the 7th volume of Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation manga series.

Cover CharactersEdit


  • Article 51: Trials & Tribulations
  • Article 52: Contract Fight
  • Article 53: The Plan's End
  • Article 54: Ready to Fight
  • Article 55: Wings
  • Article 56: Trust
  • Article 57: Decision
  • Article 58: As I Am
  • Article 59: Stirrings


Together with Yoichi and Biko, Muhyo attempts to form a pact with the great underlord Pluto himself! Meanwhile, Roji and his classmates weather Executor Page's new-and-improved testing camp...but a marauding spirit wasn't part of the plan! Will Muhyo and Roji be able to overcome their separate challenges?


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