Into the Arcanum is the 3rd volume of Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation manga series.

Cover CharactersEdit


  • Article 15: Someone's There
  • Article 16: Lurker in the Grass
  • Article 17: The Ghost Writer
  • Article 18: Zansetsu Hirata
  • Article 19: The Night Butterfly
  • Article 20: Artificer Biko
  • Article 21: The Landing
  • Article 22: Into the Arcanum
  • Article 23: The Mad Planter


Muhyo's friend Biko has a big problem. One of Biko's magic locks has been broken, and now something's escaped from the bottom level of a top-security prison for the evilest, most dangerous ghosts. It's up to Muhyo and Roji to restore order, but what will they do when their greatest fears are realized?


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