The Long Nightmare is the 15th volume of Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation manga series.

Cover CharactersEdit


  • Article 122: Teacher & Student
  • Article 123: The Knight
  • Article 124: What Might Have Been
  • Article 125: Lollipop
  • Article 126: The Curse
  • Article 127: Hades
  • Article 128: Falling Down
  • Article 129: Some Things Never Change
  • Article 130: The Long Nightmare
  • Article 131: Crime and Punishment
  • Article 132: The Report


Envoy Possession is forbidden by the rules of Magic Law, but Busujima and Umekichi aren't above breaking a few rules to put Teeki on the ropes. Meanwhile, Muhyo and the rest go head-to-head against Enchu, but will they be able to save him from the darkness of his own making?


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