A New Book of Magic Law is the 13th volume of Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation manga series.

Cover CharactersEdit


  • Article 104: The Bottom of the Sea
  • Article 105: Payback
  • Article 106: Superhero
  • Article 107: The Ring
  • Article 108: A New Book of Magic Law
  • Article 109: The Battle Begins
  • Article 110: What Goes Around
  • Article 111: Proof
  • Article 112: Ace in the Hole


Muhyo and gang discover that the artifact called The Writ of Passage is the key to defeating Teeki...and it's hidden somewhere in their very own Magic Law School! It's not going to be easy infiltrating M.L.S. though, especially with the evil spirit known as Gingko Hag waiting for them!


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