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[[File:Muhyo.png|thumb]]{{Infobox character|name = Toru Muhyo|affiliation = Magic Law Society|birthday = January 23|height = 128 cm|like = Jabin (Manga)|talent = sleeping|dislike = interruptions to sleep
disturbances (such as Roji), etc}}
==Toru Muhyo==
==Toru Muhyo==

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Toru Muhyo

Toru Muhyo is said to be the youngest executor graduated from the Magical Law School. Muhyo paired up with Roji and the two formed their own business of exorcising ghosts.


Muhyo has a somewhat emotionless personality, showing no sign of pity when dispensing of the ghosts. He seems to be sleeping most of the time, (for as an executor of the Laws, large amount of spiritual energy is needed for him to summon the necessary Hellish being to carry out the sentences of various ghosts, spirits). He seems to try to show no signs of caring for his assistant, Roji. But it immediately becomes evident that he does during dangerous situations, or when one of Muhyo's friends or acquaintances points it out. He is often rude to other people, and keeps a stern face, but deep down, he has a strong sense of Justice.


Back when Muhyo was at school, Enchu was the genius and Muhyo and Yoichi were plain students. Then one day, Muhyo's talent suddenly bloomed. Enchu desperately tried to keep up with him. Muhyo and Yoichi failed to notice that Enchu was beginning to lose it. Then they were both chosen to be executors but there can only be one of them to earn the position. Enchu's diligence was strange following that day. One day, Enchu went to see his mother because she was in seriously ill and Muhyo became executor. Enchu's mother had died and he became insane and was now determined to destroy Muhyo.


  • He is extremely powerful, being able to perform a judgement that normally requires four top-notch executors by himself.
  • Muhyo has shown that he can speak the language of the underworld allowing him to speak with the creatures he summons to carry out his sentences, this talent also allows him to command the creatures to pause or stop the punishment they were delivering.



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