Toru Muhyo (六氷 透, Muhyō Tōru) or Muhyo (ムヒョ, Muhyo), is said to be the youngest executor who graduated from the Magical Law School. Muhyo paired up with Roji and the two formed their own business of exorcising ghosts.


Muhyo is a young short man with a big oval head and blue eyes.


Muhyo has a somewhat emotionless personality, showing no sign of pity when dispensing of the ghosts. He seems to be sleeping most of the time, (for as an executor of the Laws, a large amount of spiritual energy is needed for him to summon the necessary Hellish being to carry out the sentences of various ghosts, spirits). He seems to try to show no signs of caring for his assistant, Roji. But it immediately becomes evident that he does during dangerous situations, or when one of Muhyo's friends or acquaintances points it out. He is often rude to other people and keeps a stern face, but deep down, he has a strong sense of Justice.


Back when Muhyo was at school, Enchu was the genius, and Muhyo and Yoichi were plain students. Then one day, Muhyo's talent suddenly bloomed when a spirit tries to eat Yoichi. Muhyo easily subdues it, while Enchu is frozen in fear.

Enchu desperately tried to keep up with him upon realizing Muhyo's talent. Muhyo and Yoichi failed to notice that Enchu was beginning to lose it after his mother died and the Executioner rank was granted to Muhyo instead.

In the series beginning, Muhyo and Roji are shown in a small office rented on the second floor of a building. They take cases from people who call regarding possession and hauntings. It is clear they are not in the best financial shape, possibly because they charge low rates and often times don't even get paid.

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Muhyo ends up hiring Roji to be his assistant. It is shown that he had the office prior Roji knowing him. Roji spends a lot of time being his bookkeeper and secretary, constantly balancing their bank books to prevent them from starving due to their meager income.

They take a variety of cases, mainly from young people like school girls who have ghosts possessing and stalking them. Through these cases, they save a boy named Kenji, who initially wrecked their sign. They additionally rescue Nana from the possession by her dead father.

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  • He is extremely powerful, being able to perform a judgment that normally requires four top-notch executors by himself.
  • Muhyo has shown that he can speak the language of the underworld allowing him to speak with the creatures he summons to carry out his sentences, this talent also allows him to command the creatures to pause or stop the punishment they were delivering.


  • He likes Jabin (manga magazine)
  • His talent is sleeping
  • He dislikes interruptions to sleep, sunlight, disturbances (such as Roji), etc
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