Taeko Okazaki (岡崎 妙子, Okazaki Taeko) was a student in Japan, who was killed after falling in front of a train. She appeared in the first known case, [[|Episode 1|Rie and Taeko]].


Taeko is a young girl with medium long brown hair. As a spirit, she has a large head and long centipede-like body with multiple arms.


She loved her best friend and didn't want to lose her and when she was faced with the possibility of loosing her, she couldn't handle it. When she became a spirit, she started killing people and was blaming her friend for her death. When she was sentenced by Muhyo and swallowed by Hades' Banquet, she came to her senses and was happy to hold hands with Rie and accepted her sentence.



Taeko's ghost form, attempting to hold Rie's hand.

Taeko was friends with a girl named Rie. They were very close and barely left each other's side. One day, Taeko was absent from school due to sickness. When she returned, she found that Rie was more interested in volleyball than she was interested in Taeko. She snapped, and, one day, she met with Rie on Track 5 of a local train station, where she grabbed her arm, telling Rie's new friends that Rie was hers. Rie pulled away, knocking Taeko in front of a train. Taeko remained on Track 5, waiting for Rie. Eventually, Rie returned, with Muhyo and Roji. Taeko had transformed into a monster, with many hands. Muhyo sentenced Taeko to Hades' Banquet, which swallowed her and sent her to the River Styx.

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