"It's called the Seven-Faced Dog. Most envoys can only be called to deal with a crime in progress, but not him. You can't use him all the time. Just against illusionists and puppeteers and the like. He's great for drawing them out. Utterly useless otherwise."

Seven-Faced Dog reveals himself.

Seven-Faced Dog is an Envoy summoned by Muhyo. He is first summoned when Muhyo, Roji, and Umekichi tried to fight off Panza and her army of puppets. Disguised as Muhyo, he is stabbed by Panza, revealing himself. Seven-Faced Dog remains with the group for a long while, kept in a much smaller form then usual. He is able to transform himself into other people (usually Muhyo) and, when entered into a flesh and blood contract, can transform into inorganic forms (turning himself into metal, for instance). He supposedly speaks with a Scottish accent.

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