Rie Inoue is a student at a school in Japan, and is Muhyo and Roji's first known client.


Rie became friends with Taeko. They were very close and rarely were apart. One day, when Taeko was sick and absent from school, Rie became interested in playing volleyball. Rie's interest pulled her away from Taeko, almost abandoning her. One day, Rie and some of her new friends were about to get on a train at Track 5 at a local station. Taeko grabbed Rie's arm, claiming that Rie was "hers", but Rie pulled away, knocking Taeko in front of a train. After Taeko's death, Rie couldn't bear to even look at Track 5, where Taeko's ghost had gained a reputation in rumors as the "Girl on Track 5". She went to Muhyo and Roji for help, after finding a flyer for their office. They agreed to help and met Rie at Track 5 early in the morning. At the track, Rie was attacked by Taeko's ghost, which had become a monster with many hands. Muhyo sentenced Taeko to Hades' Banquet and both Rie and Taeko were swallowed. Rie was spat up, because, according to Muhyo, contrary to popular belief, Hades is a picky eater. Rie came to peace with Taeko, who went to the River Styx.

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