Imai Reiko(今井 玲子) Edit

History Edit

She was assigned to be a guard for the Arcanum, a prison for powerful ghosts including Sophie. When Rio freed Sophie, she nearly became a victim but was spared because Sophie considered her face ugly. She was also nearly strangled by Teeki, but luckily escaped. Since the Arcanum incident, she has become friends with Jiro and escorted him to the Magic Law Academy. In chapter 155, it is revealed that Imai possibly has feelings for Roji. She is voiced by Mitsuki Saiga.

Powers and ability Edit

As a judge,she is very skillful in fighting against ghost

  1. Magic pen and Seal:Imai uses magic pen to create spells by writing on the seals to attack,defend or to support
  2. Swordsmanship:Imai have a magic tool that's a sword,and it is stated by Busujima,Imai is very skilled in using a sword,and it is seen in many times where Imai will use her sword to fight against ghost.
  3. Survivability:Stated by Busujima while Imai was captured,she can survive even when she's placed in the middle of the ocean,saying that she wouldn't die that easily

Relationship Edit

Muhyou:She respects Muhyou as a powerful executor,and is willing to support him while fighting.

Roji:She well respects Roji's sills despite him being a 2nd class secretary,after fighting alongside each other,both of them are very close friends and comrade.In chapter 154,when Roji helped another students instead of defeating the last ghost,Imai was sad as Roji have failed to advance to 1st class secretary,and she can't stop thinking about him and started to cry.In chapter 156,when Busujima told her that Roji have stayed to become Muhyou's assistant again,but she said 'Cruch' instead,which lead to Imai blushing and started to get angry on Busujima