Chiyo “Panza” Sakura is a Ghast who worked for the Forbidden Magic Law Organization, Ark.


Panza is shown as having several different looks in the manga. Before becoming a ghost, Panza had the look of a regular girl. Long black hair, and the common school girl uniform. While in the Wailing Vale, Panza appears as a ghastly figure, with ragged clothes and messy long hair, which covers a large portion of her face. At the hotel Panza disguises herself as a maid. There she has a much tidier appearance than the one at the Wailing Vale. She wears a typical maid uniform and regains the tidiness of her hair. As a ghost however, Panza takes on a much more grotesque form. Appearing as a sort of worm like creature, Panza’s legs become one long dragging tail, while her arms and neck elongate. Her eyes also take on the typical red lighting that most ghosts have.


Background Edit

From a young age Panza was able to see spirits, which was something that seriously troubled her parents. Instead of helping her however they chastised her for her abilities. At school Panza was a loner, who was cast aside as a freak, and constantly bullied. During this time Panza always hoped that her knight in shining armor would someday appear and rescue her. One day her family received an M.L.S. application form for Panza. Convinced that this was their chace to get rid of their daughter they sent her away to the M.L.S. and asked her not to come back. However upon arriving to the examination she discovered that she was missing her application form. The other applicants shunned her and refused to help her, except for Roji who gave her one of his extra forms. When the time came for the examination she was in a daze from having met Roji and immediately failed. Afterwards she witnessed Roji defeat a spirit and became convinced that he was her knight in shining armor. She then began stalking him, trying to muster up the courage to speak to him again. After deciding she would study Magic Law to gain Roji’s admiration she was confronted by Teeki, who invited her to join him. In an attempt to gain powers quick and get rid of Muhyo, who she believed prevented her from being wit Roji, she accepted. Teeki then transformed her into a ghast.

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