"Soriaribbit. (Tell me what you want.) Ariarikerikeribbit. (Tell me or I eat you.)"
— Pakero, upon being summoned.

Pakero, Prince of the Plutonian Sea, is an envoy. Pakero first appears after he is summoned by Goryo in an attempt to defeat Ivy Cortlaw. According to Goryo, Pakero is his strongest envoy.

When Pakero appears, it begins to rain. Frogs begin to line up, creating a procession for Pakero to appear. He constantly carries an umbrella, which can be used to block attacks. He has a large appetite, even going so far as to threaten to eat Goryo if he didn't tell Pakero what he was summoned for. He can eat anything, even the ghosts that Ivy used to attack him.


  • Pakero's name (and the way he speaks) uses the Japanese word "kero", used as a sound effect for frogs (like the english "ribbit" sound). Pakero also uses the word "ribbit" occasionally when he speaks.
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