Page Klaus  (ペイジ・クラウス, Peiji Kurausu) is an Executor and Chief Investigator in the Magic Law Association and was Muhyo's and Enchu's teacher.


Page is a tall man at 190cm, with black hair that stands straight up and reveals much of his forehead, a mustache, and a scruffy goatee. He for the majority of the series carries a cane, donning the typical outfits most at the MLA wear, the suspenders, and white dress shirt. He also is usually seen wearing a long cape with a neck.


Page enjoys smoking a pipe quite often. While this may give him an aloof and relaxed image, he can be very powerful in the field. He is a very strong Executor like Muhyo and is very kind towards people especially Muhyo, Yoichi, and even towards Roji. He believes that Magic Law starts with physical fitness. Also, he likes to compose poetry and thinks he's good at it. Furthermore, he can be possessive of his students once calling Muhyo "My Muhyo" while worried about him.


Page was originally Muhyo and Enchu's teacher. He was the one who trained Muhyo and Enchu to become Executor, he knew about Enchu's sick mother and wanted him to study alone at home, but Enchu didn't want to leave his friends behind, so he let him study with his friends. Page Klaus was the person who took Yoichi as his assistant when he begged to him to help him find Enchu, so to him, he has most loyalty to Yoichi, because Yoichi works with him in the investigation for 6 years, unlike Muhyo who left him, and Enchu who is on the enemy side.

Although Roji is unaware of this, Page was the practitioner that exorcised a ghost from a friend of his and gave him his first pair of suspenders. He claimed that Muhyo and Roji were destined to meet.


  • He likes poetry, brandy, sweetened coffee, theatre (ballet, opera), walks (including walks that turn into journeys).
  • He doesn't like scuffed shoes, all machinery, association hangers-on, parties, beautiful women.
  • He is talented at poetry (he thinks), speed ironing, raising pupils (he thinks).
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