Nana Takenouchi (竹乃内 菜々, Takenouchi Nana) is a photographer and a student in Japan. She is also a medium, a person that can attract spirits.


Nana is a young girl with medium long brown hair, usually tied up. She is usually wearing a school uniform: white shirt and short blue skirt with under knee long blue socks and brown shoes.



In Nana's early childhood, she received her first camera from her father, who was a photographer. Soon, her mother left, leaving just Nana and her father. Her father took up a job creating fake ghost images, altering real pictures to show ghostly figures in the background. One day, Nana took a picture of a robbery and showed it to her father, telling him that they could sell it to the newspapers. Her father tore the picture into pieces and scolded Nana, telling her that she could've been hurt. Nana snapped at him, telling him that he had lost all his honor and recognition. Her father died of a heart attack, due to the shock caused by this incident, forcing Nana to live on her own. Nana, at some point, met Kenji, who was her neighbor.

Nana continued a career in photography, taking pictures of many things. 2 months after her father's death, she took 20 pictures, all of which appeared to have ghosts in them. Nana, along with Kenji, brought the photos to Muhyo and Roji. After looking at them, Muhyo determined that all the photos were real. He told Nana that all the pictures have the same ghost in it, and it's following her. Muhyo says that Nana must be a spirit medium, and that her family members must be as well, but Nana is outraged, and storms out. At her apartment, Nana is attacked by a ghost: The ghost that was in each of her pictures. Muhyo, Roji, and Kenji arrive just in time. Muhyo tries to sentence the ghost, but messes up the sentence. The ghost begins destroying boxes of photos that Nana took. Nana tells it to stop, but realizes the truth about the ghost when it shows her a specific photo: The very first photo she had taken, one of her father. The ghost, her father's ghost, is sent to the River Styx. Most likely because of Muhyo's kindness, Nana becomes close friends with the two.


  • She likes Roji's tea, Good shots (scoops), Hot springs (travel)
  • She dislikes having free time
  • Her talent is pressing the shutter button, taking quick shots, hiding cameras
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