Mick is a member of Ark and is a Forbidden Magic Law practitioner.




Born Michael Cortlaw, he lived with his parents, his older sister, Ivy, and his younger brother, Kid. His mother and father were Forbidden Magic Law practitioners. When the Magic Law Society came to arrest them, Mick hid with his siblings. His parents were executed. Mick, Ivy, and Kid went to find Ark. When they arrived there, Buhpu agreed to use his influence to enter the children into Ark, but only if they would let Kid be his research subject.

Mick later made a contract to get a living sword. He first encountered Muhyo, Roji, Imai, and Umekichi at the hotel where Panza worked. After Panza was sentenced, Mick emerged from his sword, which was hidden behind a curtain. After stabbing Imai, he began fighting the envoy Black Orca, which Muhyo summoned. He fought, taunting Muhyo and company until Roji wrote a direct ward of binding onto him. Mick was knocked down, but was contacted by Teeki, who instructed him to bring Imai to him. He stabbed her in the chest, and took her to Ark.

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