Jiro Kusano, commonly known as Roji (his first name said backwards), is a main character of Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation. He is a Magic Law practitioner, and, at the start of the manga, is a Second Clerk. He is Muhyo's assistant.



Roji is optimistic and always tries to see the good in people. He can be a bit of a whiner and crybaby, which annoys Muhyo. He constantly tries to make up for his weak Magic Law abilities by studying, and always tries to help Muhyo as much as he can. Roji is skilled in making disguises, which he calls "Super Fab Tech". These include a dresser that he hides inside and pots that he and Muhyo use as disguises. Like Muhyo, he also enjoys reading Jabin. In truth, Roji is a very kind, sensitive person, and he is the one who takes a lot of risks when it comes to protecting Muhyo and therefore, Roji has a different kind of power which no one has: a kind and unwavering heart.


Jiro, nicknamed Rouji, became a magic practitioner in the first place because his friend became possessed. An executor showed up, exorcizing the spirit and saving Rouji's friend. This set him on the road to becoming Muhyo's assistant. After failing the entrance exam to the practitioner academy, he ventured accidentally into an interview to become Muhyo's assistant. Lured to enter the building because the sign declaring the interview read "No magic law experience needed." He stumbled into the interviewing room by mistake and, after an akward interview, departed. A few days later, a grudge attacked the hotel where he was staying. Rouji siezed a staff while in the grudges clutches and his tempring caused the staff to flare and take a fair chunk out of the grudge's side. At this exact moment, Muhyo shows up to sentence the haunt, and asks Rouji why he wants to practice magic law. Rouji replies with the intformation with in the above paragraph.

A few days later, he is hired.




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