Harumi Busujima, more commonly called Busujima, is an executor of Remote Magic Law, and the best of said type of Magic Law. She is friends with Reiko Imai.


Busujima is a young woman with blonde hair and amber eyes, and has noticably large breasts, which causes Yoichi to tend to listen to everything she says. She typically wears a blue tube-top with the kanji for 'sake' on it, a small necklace, small circle earrings, blue jeans, and sandals.


Busujima is very happy-go-lucky and laid back, and tends to forget to put on a shirt even in public(Much to Imai's chagrin). She is addicted to both smoking and alcohol, and Umekichi tends to try to take them from her and hide them any opportunity he can.



  • She likes alcohol (beer), smokes (Peace Brand), driving (trucks)
  • She hates clothes tight around the shoulders, crowded roads
  • Her talent is messing around with Umekichi, driving her truck
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