Sophie (ソフィー, Sofī) is the 9th episode of Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation anime series.


The one who ripped the talisman off the bottom level of the magic prison was the spirit of a little girl named Sophie, nicknamed the Face Ripper. She has taken on the guise of someone in the magic prison using her ability to mimic others by stealing their faces. Just when they find out who she's turned into, Sophie reveals her true self... but Muhyo is still asleep after using too much magical law earlier. The others force him awake, but his only option to defeat the powerful Sophie is to use high-level magical law...


Reiko Imai learns that only Muhyo is there and believes it would be hard to defeat Sophie if its only him. She doesn't know how is she still alive and explains she was dragged into the bathroom and Sophie left her commenting she doesn't want her bobbed hair. Meanwhile, Iwamoto wants to take Furuya and run, commenting he has a small house, but Furuya explains she loves small house and it already has one. She then turns into Sophie and rips Iwamoto's face. Sophie then turns towards Rio commenting how pretty she is and that she will be taking her face.

Roji goes looking for them and sees them chased by Sophie. Rio decides to make a stand and slow Sophie and Biko decides to stay with her, while Roji goes to wake up Muhyo. Rio and Biko manages to slip from Sophie and hide, but Sophie manages to find them. Rio pushes Biko away to save her and Sophie prepares to rip Rio's face. Muhyo shows up and starts his magical law. Reiko shows up too and seals Sophie in a room to buy time for Muhyo to enforce his high-level magical law. Reiko explains that her talisman will soon break and that only a high-level magical law can work on Sophie, but in order to use such law, Muhyo needs to make a contract with Hell and call a higher-ranked messenger of Hell. Reiko says that usually such contract requires several executors to complete, but Muhyo is doing it alone and incantation consumes immense amount of strength.

Sophie manages to break free and Reiko and Roji try fighting her, but are easily knocked down. Sophie heads towards Muhyo, but Biko gets in her way saying that she made the talisman that sealed her. Sophie attacks Biko, but Reiko manages to protect her with a talisman. Roji stands up and requests Biko to give him powerful talismans. He then uses a binding spell on Sophie, but Sophie easily removes it as it has no effect on her. Muhyo tells them its done and chains appear and hold down Sophie. Seeing the chains Reiko realizes those are coming from the lowest level of Hell, Chains of Tartarus, and belong to Hell's Marshal, the leader of Hell's Iron Soldiers. The gigantic Hell's Marshal with his horse heads towards the prison. Sophie uses her telekinesis to break the windows and attempts to kill them with the pieces of glass, but Rio uses a defensive barrier. The Hell's Marshal arrives and cuts Sophie in two. Sophie then recalls her past and how she was always staying home. She wanted to go to parties like her sister, but her sister told her that its safer for her to stay. As Sophie leaves the room, she overhears that her sister finds her ugly and doesn't want to take her with her. She then ripped her sister's face and states that now she can go to the party.

As Sophie is defeated, Roji thinks that if he used the talismans earlier, he may have saved some of the jailers. He then realizes that Rio had used a magical tool and asks her how she managed to do it as he believed magical tools masters can't. Rio turns to him wondering what is he talking about and a slight mutation is seen on her face.


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