Becoming Someone Else (なりかわり, Narikawari) is the 8th episode of Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation anime series.


Muhyo, Bico, Roji, and Bico's teacher Rio head down to the bottom level of the magic prison, a place swirling with ectoplasm. Many spirits lurk in the darkness since the talisman sealing this floor was removed. One of them, a Rain Dog, attacks the group, infecting Bico with a spirit virus. So Muhyo opens his magical law text and faces the Rain Dog...


Rio gives talismans to Roji and tells him to bind the Rain Dog, while Muhyo's Silver Armor is still active. Rio then gives her potions to Biko and again tells Muhyo to keep his strength for Sophie and leave it to Roji. Roji uses 4 of the 5 talismans, but each one fails. Muhyo realizes he won't be able to use it and uses Magical Law to defeat the spirit. Rio scolds Muhyo for using the Magical Law, but he tells her a magical tools master has no right to question his decision. Biko is healed from the virus and thanks her master.

Reaching the bottom level, they see the body of Fujiwara who had lost his face and had been killed by the Rain Dog. As they pass him, Fujiwara becomes a spirit stating that he wants to live. Rio explains that all the ectoplasm accelerated his spectralization. Fujiwara in anger explains that he also went home and there were many things he wanted to do, only if the talisman didn't go off. Muhyo then uses Magic Law, explaining that a judge assistant should had enough power to defeat a Rain Dog, but as he was careless and unprepared, he was defeated.

Yoichi goes to Biko's place, but her helpers tell Yoichi that Biko told them to keep her business with Muhyo a secret. Yoichi enters the house and finds a letter in which he finds Biko's broken talisman. He figures it must have been scary seeing your talisman like that and decides to help them.

Muhyo enters Sophie's cell, but she isn't there. Roji is surprised to see that the cell is a girls room and Biko explains it was to keep her calm. They speculate that Sophie has turned into someone from the three jailers, Reiko or one of them. They decide to keep it a secret and tell the jailers that the spirit is sealed, which makes the jailers relieved. Muhyo explains they can't exclude themselves as they had split previously and Rio was already there when they arrived, so they must wait until Sophie gives her away. Muhyo then falls asleep.

Rio and Roji go to the toilet together and Rio explains that she shouldn't have given him the talismans, as if he gets used to the weaker ones, he won't be able to use the strong ones and that's why Muhyo was against it. Biko recalls her time in school, and she didn't like their teacher Rio, believing she was better. One time, she wanted to do the experiment alone without Rio's help. While she was doing it, Rio warns her she she was using wrong ingredient, but Biko still decides to pour it and that causes an explosion. Rio then protects Biko with her body, taking pieces of glass with her back. Rio explains that story to Roji and says that Muhyo does the same, protecting Roji, knowing his potential. She tells him that the talismans won't respond to a hesitant heart.

They hear a scream, Furuya had found Reiko Imai in the shower room. Furuya states that she is Sophie as she had overheard them talking that they didn't find Sophie and that she is one of them. Rio confirms that's the truth and Iwamoto states then indeed Reiko must be Sophie and takes Furuya and leaves and Rio goes after them. Biko wonders where Rio and Roji are and overhears Rio's voice. She goes out to look for her and sees a door opens. She notices Furuya in a pool of blood and realizes she used her last remaining strength to open the door and reveal who Sophie is right now.

Elsewhere, Enchu is with Teeki who gives him food, but Enchu explains he doesn't need food anymore. He wonders if the talisman had arrived already and Teeki believes it should have arrived two days ago. Enchu guesses that Yoichi is probably making a fuss about it and believes she will kill them all, as she is quite smart.


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