Magic Prison (魔監獄, Ma kangoku) is the 7th episode of Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation anime series.


Bico, a magical tools master who attended the Magic Law School with Muhyo, suddenly appears at the Bureau one day. Bico asks Muhyo to come to Magic Prison No. 18, a prison where very powerful spirits are sealed. A talisman that had been used to seal the bottom level, where the most dangerous spirits are kept, has been ripped off its door... and Bico feels responsible as the one who had made the talisman. Muhyo agrees on the condition that Bico will owe him one later, and they set off for the island that houses the magic prison.


Magical tools master are the ones making magical items used by magical lawyers, like talismans, pens and magical books, but they usually remain hidden and never reveal themselves in order to protect their trade.

Roji hears some noises and as he goes to check, he sees there is something behind the bookshelf. Muhyo moves the shelves and from the magical seal, Yu Abiko comes out. She introduces himself, stating that she knows Roji from some time and that she was in the same school as Muhyo. Muhyo comments its usually bad omen when magical tools masters take action and Biko explains that she wants they to come with her to Magic Prison 18, where many powerful spirits are imprisoned. Since there are not enough people to actually execute the spirits, they keep them using talismans until they time for execution comes. Biko heard that some incident occurred in that prison which uses her talismans. Its a lowest level prison where the lowest danger level of A spirits are held, but she still created the most powerful talismans she can create, so she finds it strange that they broke those talismans. Muhyo states he would normally decline, but decides to accept and they head towards the prison.

Yoichi calls Nana who was heading at Muhyo's place and tells her that he heard something and got worried and wants Nana to call him if Muhyo decides to go out. But Nana then reaches his office and sees they had already left and the office is closed for today.

Arriving at the island with the prison, they see an attractive woman, who upon seeing them goes and kisses Biko, who is also happy that she sees his master. She attempts to hug and kiss Muhyo, but he stops her. Biko introduces her as her master and magical tools master, Rio Kurotori. Muhyo wonders why she is here and Rio explains she was worried about unlady-like student Biko. Roji is shocked to learn that Biko was a girl.

They go to the jailers who explain that three days ago, there was some unusual noise and they wanted judge Reiko Imai and her assistant Fujiwara to check it. Heading down the prison, they find the spirit causing the noise and tell him to stop or they will send him to Hell right away and the spirit agrees they do as something is coming. They reach the bottom and see a seal was broken. The spirit comes out and kills Fujiwara. Reiko manages to escape and warns the jailers to evacuate. Reiko calls Biko and explains about the Biko's broken talisman. As the spirit goes after her, Reiko decides to seal the prison from the inside along with herself in it. Muhyo shows Reiko's talisman and states that if a spirit was strong enough to break Biko's talisman, then no judge's talisman could stop him, so he guesses the spirit was waiting for someone powerful enough to come and that's why it never left the prison.

They head towards the bottom level of the prison and Roji asks Rio what spirit is located there. Rio asks him if he had heard of Sophie the Face Ripper. Sophie had ripped off the faces of 2000 people over 500 years and finally 20 years ago the Association manages to catch her. Going down, they see a cell is missing the talisman and upon checking it, behind them a spirit appears wanting his face back. Not wanting Muhyo to waste his energy, Rio takes him and all go inside the cell. Biko gives Roji talismans, telling him that it will make his stronger. Roji manages to create a barrier with the talisman, but second talisman breaks as he attempt to use it. Rio explains that Roji isn't strong enough and is incompatible with Biko's strong talismans. Rio gives Roji her talismans, believing he would be able to use them and Roji puts a talisman on the spirit and binds him. Something then takes the spirit and a second spirit Rain Dog appears and infect Biko with its virus. Muhyo is forced to use Silver Armor to protect them. The virus overtakes Biko, but Rio tells her she won't let her die and takes out some potions.


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