Talent (才能, Sainō) is the 3rd episode of Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation anime series.


Muhyo and Roji visit the home of Shiratori Aya, a client who says a black shadow has been playing her piano at 2:00 AM every night. Muhyo concludes that the shadow is a vengeful spirit born from countless people who envy Aya's talent, but in fact... Later, a package arrives at the bureau for Roji, containing a "magic-sealing pen" and an invitation to take an exam for a promotion to first-class secretary. Then Nana enters with a photo she took of a spirit on a pedestrian bridge...


At Aya Shiratori's home, Muhyo and Roji wait for a ghost appearance, but it's past 2AM and Aya comments something is wrong. Muhyo asks about the piano, since its covered in spirit traces, and Aya explains her father brought it for her and its famous piano that was being used by well-known composers. Since her parents are rarely home, she spends lots of time with the piano and had become a child prodigy. But the other night at 2AM, she hears the piano and upon checking it, she sees a black shadow playing on it. Because of that, she called Muhyo and wonders why this is happening to her as she haven't done anything wrong. Muhyo explains that there is lots of envy, as she has wealth, beauty, talent and fame. Roji explains that humans emit spirit energy and hatred is the strongest one, on rare occasions it can create a vengeful spirit.

Roji makes some vases in which they to hide, so the spirit doesn't see them, but they spend days without the spirit appearing, even though it had appeared 10 days in a row on 2AM before that. Around the morning, Muhyo wakes up Roji, pointing him to a spirit in front of them. Roji thinks its a small one, but Muhyo tells him if they do one wrong move, they will die. The spirit attacks them and Muhyo tries to use Magic Law, but is unable to finish the incantation commenting the spirit was powerful even though it was formed from ordinary people. Aya then appears and starts playing the piano, wanting this to stop and saying she just likes to play the piano. Pianos vibrations were cancelling the voices of the spirit, allowing Muhyo to finish the spell and capture the spirit.

Muhyo notices the flyer that Aya called them, upon inspecting it, they realize the Magical Law mark is inverted, which makes Muhyo realize that Aya wasn't the target, but he, as they used fake flyer to make her call him. Muhyo comments that while he was still in training, he was a good friend with a magic lawyer, but he got jealous of his talent and ran off to the dark side.

Back at their office, Roji receives a package from the Magical Law Association, containing a magic-sealing pen and informing him he is summoned to undertake the Promotion Exam. If Roji chooses to take the test, he needs to go into the headquarters, bringing the pen and his office's executor. Roji starts celebrating he could become first-class secretary and wakes up Muhyo, happy that he may start doing actual magical law work. But Muhyo stops his celebration, telling him he is still trash and won't be able to do it in the next three years. Nana visits them, showing them a picture she took of a mother and child with a strange shadow behind them, but Muhyo tells her to make a formal request and that he doesn't care about the dumb picture. That makes Nana angry and she leaves. Seeing Muhyo asleep, Roji takes the pen and heads out after Nana.

They go to the pedestrian bridge where Nana took the picture. To their surprise, they immediately see a spirit on it, who realizes they can see him. The spirit explains he fell from the bridge as a wind blew his hat and he tried to capture it. Nana thinks the spirit is friendly and heads towards it, but Roji recalls that Muhyo told him that if a spirit seems chatty and clever, it means it already devoid of reason. Roji quickly tells Nana to get down and she manages to avoid the spirit attack. Roji then uses some spells he wrote with the pen, but they have no effect on the spirit. Roji feels powerless as the spirit is about to eat Nana, but Muhyo appears and reminds him of the pen. Roji then realizes he needs to use the written from the pen right away or it becomes useless. He then writes a new spell and throws the talisman at the spirit, harming him and making him release Nana. Muyho then takes over and punishes the spirit for attempted murder.

On the next day, Roji gives the pen to Muhyo, explaining that Muhyo is correct and that he saw something troubles Muhyo and wanted to be of help and be acknowledged fast, as he wants to save people. Muhyo then moves the bookshelves revealing an entrance to the Magical Law Association, telling Roji that he was waiting for him to say that and that he also had business there. As they enter, Nana shows up shocked to see it.


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