Kenji and Nana (ケンジとナナ, Kenji to Nana) is the 2nd episode of Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation anime series.


Kenji visits a spooky shrine on the outskirts of town to prove to his friends that there's no such thing as ghosts... and he rips off a talisman that had been stuck on the shrine door. Later, Kenji brings his sister figure Nana to the Bureau, and Muhyo tells Nana that all the pictures she's shown him are ghost photos. Nana is enraged by his claim, but then...


Kenji Satou doesn't believe in ghosts and one day he finds Muhyo's agency flyer. He goes to Muhyo's office and breaks his sign as he finds his job shady. Roji tries to explain what spirits are, but as he monologues, Kenji ignores him and reads some manga magazine. Kenji tells him he doesn't believe in ghosts and that he and his friends are doing a test of courage challenge tonight at a shrine outside of town. Muhyo tries to warn him not to go, but only gets insulted by Kenji. As Kenji leaves, Muhyo decides to sleep.

That night, Kenji and his friends go to the shrine. Kenji removes a talisman stuck on the shrine door and leaves. But as they go, they notice he is holding someone's hand. A ghost appears and thanks Kenji for letting him out. As it attempts to bite Kenji, Muhyo arrives and puts a Silver Armor on Kenji, protecting it from the ghost. Roji explains its a ghost that had drank the blood of hundred people and it was too powerful, so they only managed to seal it. Muhyo confident in his skills easily defeat the ghost and sends it to Hell.

Meanwhile, Yoichi Himukai works on finding Enchu, while Enchu regrets that Muhyo isn't interested in him as much as Yoichi is.

Few days later, Kenji comes with Nana Takenouchi, showing some of the pictures she had taken. Muhyo inspects them and confirm that they are real and all had the same ghost appearing on them. He belives that Nana has natural qualities of a medium and that her family had all seen the spirits. Nana tells him her family is gone and leaves angry.

Later that night, Nana recalls her past, the first time she got a camera from her father and how enjoyable it was. She recalls when her mother left them, and later when he had an argument with her father, who had sank that much that he was fabricating picture of ghosts. After their argument, Nana ran and her father got a heart attack and died. Her camera takes a picture and Nana notices a ghost behind her. As she turns, she sees it and faints. Muhyo comes in, accusing the ghost of his crimes and using magic law, but the magic law turns against him, knocking him back. The ghost then starts to trash Nana's father desk and Nana is unable to stop him. The ghost turns towards her and handles her a picture of her father, which made Nana realize this was her father. Muhyo then comments he made a mistake and accused him of wrong crime, thus the magic law turning against him and that his only crime was cry for attention as his daughter wasn't noticing him. Nana then regrets what she had told her father back then. Muhyo call the magic law and punish her father with Crossing the Styx, a punishment given to spirits guilty of minor crimes and once they atone their crimes in the Underworld, they can go to Heaven.


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