Swallows in the Wind (風の中のツバメ, Kaze no naka no tsubame) is the 12th episode of Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation anime series.


Enchu, the one behind all of Muhyo's recent struggles, finally reveals himself and challenges the gang to battle. The spirits released from the magic prison combine into one, and both Muhyo and Roji end up trapped within its fused body. What will come of Muhyo and Roji, and how will Muhyo's battle with Enchu end?!


The combined evil spirits eat Muhyo and Roji. Trapped inside of it, the spirits tell them they want to become one of them and start to turn them into spirits. Muhyo starts his magical law and the spirits tell him he will also suffer from it, but Muhyo explains that only they are trapped in their prison. Roji understands that he needs to use his talismans and to create a barrier. As Muhyo casts his magical law, he destroys the spirit, while Roji creates a barrier protecting them from the magical law. After escaping, Muhyo falls on the ground and spits blood and Biko realizes its the side effect of the potion he drank.

Enchu removes more talismans from the prison and Teeki fuses the spirits again, but notices the prison gate closing and manages to escape before it closes. Reiko had closed the gate and wonders who Teeki was. Enchu orders Teeki to not do pointless stuff and calls him to him. Not wanting to loose Rio, Enchu tells Teeki they will be leaving to treat her, but Teeki feels disappointed they are not going to kill them and rushes to do so, but Enchu stops him, stating that he can kill Muhyo if he wanted to, but finds it boring if he just dies. Enchu tells Muhyo that his fellow forbidden magical law users will be coming for his friends just like his friends interfered now. Roji tells him he won't allow it and will protect everyone. He promises Rio that they will come to save her.

At the Magical Law Hospital, Muhyo is receiving treatment. Page Klaus, Muhyo's teacher, comes to see Muhyo and is glad that he is alive, but causes a commotion. He informs them that the forbidden magical law users that were acting individually are not working together and they had sent a list of targets they will kill with detailed information about them. He mentions one of them is dangerous, a man wearing a mask and four eyes, Teeki, and the group realizes its the one they saw with Enchu. Page explains that after the prison incident, the Association had decided to take action against the forbidden magical law users.

Roji sneaks into Muhyo's room that night because he is worried about him. He wonders if Muhyo can really undo the forbidden magical law and decides to become stronger and help out.

A few days later, Muhyo had recovered and is released. Yoichi wants to meet Nana and calls her and learns that she is in Muhyo's office along with Kenji.


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