Raspberries (木イチゴ, Ki ichigo) is the 10th episode of Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation anime series.


Magical tools masters normally can't use magical tools, but Roji realizes that Rio used one to protect Bico. Meanwhile, Muhyo has collapsed after exhausting his ren, leaving him in a dangerous condition of mental numbness... the exact moment Rio has been waiting for.


Roji asks Rio how she used magical tools, but she tells him he used those talismans. Muhyo then collapses as he had run out of ren, mental strength necessary for summoning messengers and using magical tools. Reiko explains that normally you leave some and fall asleep to recover your ren, but if you use all, you will enter a dangerous state of mental numbness. They need to take him to the Association for treatment, but Rio tells them to just leave him.

Elsewhere, Enchu comments that Sophie wasn't able to defeat Muhyo, but that's still alright. Rio takes out her magical tool and attacks Muhyo, but Roji saves him. They realize Rio's scars are made by forbidden magical law. Reiko explains that normally magical law uses powers from messengers of hell to punish spirits in exchange for some ren, but forbidden magical law doesn't use ren and offers their own soul to the messengers to gain power to kill the living. Using the forbidden magical law even once bind you permanently with a contract with the messenger and eventually he will take your soul and turn you into evil spirit. Biko doesn't want to believe it, but Rio tells him that if she gets in her way, she will kill her too and that she was the one that removed her talisman on Sophie.

Roji manages to take Muhyo and Biko outside, where Yoichi arrives and saves them from Rio's attack. They manages to run and hide from Rio. Yoichi explains that while investigation for the Association, he found out that Rio worked with Enchu. He checked her house to find it burned down and when checked on Biko, he saw an envelope with Rio's handwriting. Yoichi explains that while looking at Rio's place, he found her journal. There she had wrote about how she was sexually harassed by some executors, but she remained strong for her sick mother and because of Biko. One day, a spirit attacked her mother and she went looking for help, but all the executors turned her down and her mother died. She started hating the Association and wants they to suffer and had found someone with similar goal, Enchu.

Rio finds them, but Biko still refuses to believe that Rio had become an enemy. She reminds her of the time they grew raspberries and how Biko wanted to become someone precious to Rio. Rio then hugged her, realizing she still had Biko, but she was blinded by her anger and had already used forbidden magical law. Rio explains it to Biko that at that time she was already a traitor and if she had met her earlier, things could have been different.


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