Rie and Taeko (リエとタエコ, Rie to Taeko) is the 1st episode of Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation anime series.


Magical law exists to bestow punishment for crimes committed by spirits. Toru Muhyo, an executor of magical law, and his assistant, Jiro Kusano, work at the Muhyo Bureau of Supernatural Investigation. One day, a girl named Rie comes to them for a consultation about a spirit inhabiting the local train station, which she suspects is the spirits of her late friend Taeko.


Yoichi Himukai runs in a dark long corridor at the end of which he sees Enchu. He tries to stop him, but Enchu opens the doors and goes through a portal.

Rie follows an ad flyer and goes to Muhyo and Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation. As she opens the office door, she sees Muhyo and Roji fighting over a comic magazine. She considers leaving, but Roji notices her and invites her in, introducing themselves and what they do. She wonders if Magic Law is something like exorcism and Roji confirms only for Rie to comments its sounds like a scam. Muhyo then decides to demonstrate his abilities and asks her if her legs had been feeling heavy lately. Rie is surprised by his guess and as she looks at her legs, she sees two animal spirits surrounding them, Muhyo then uses the Magical Law to exterminate the spirits. Muhyo wonders if Rie wants him to send a ghost to the afterlife. Rie starts trembling and tells him about a ghost at Track 5 of Hashiki Station. She believes this is her friend Taeko Okazaki and blames herself for her death. She explains their past and good friendship, but one day Rie got into volleyball and started distancing from Taeko. At the train station, Taeko had realized she was losing Rie and wanted them to stay friends, but as Rie leaves Taeko slips and falls into the train tracks and gets killed.

Muhyo invites Rie to the train station that night and tells her to go lure the ghost. Muhyo and Roji get noticed by the security guards, but he uses magic law to put them to sleep. Rie gets close to the train tracks and then notices an arm touching her. Taeko's spirit then shows up asking her to hold her hand, while putting more and more of her hands on her. Taeko starts to absorb Rie, but Muhyo comes and uses Hades Banquet, swallowing Taeko along with Rie. Hades then spits out Rie, who holds Taeko's hand and tries pulling her out of Hades' mouth. Hades warns them that if they don't return his "dinner", he will send them all to Hell. Rie doesn't care and still holds Taeko's hand, apologizing for letting her hand before, but she isn't going to let her go now. Taeko tells Rie that she is happy she held on, but she can't do this and removes Rie's hand and drops into Hades' mouth that leads directly to Hell. Hades changes his mind and tells Muhyo, he will drop Taeko at the River Styx.

Two days later, Rie goes again to the office, but Muhyo and Roji don't open. She leaves a note under the door and leaves. Roji watches her from the window and comments that Muhyo has a rule of not seeing the clients once they do a job for them. As Muhyo sleeps, Roji decides to sneak out in disguise to meet Rie, since Muhyo sleeps for three days after using Magic Law, but Muhyo wakes up and catches him. After making fun of his disguise and preventing him from going out, Muhyo goes to sleep again.


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