Soratsugu Madoka (円 宙継, Madoka Soratsugu), better known as Enchu (エンチュー, Enchū), is the main antagonist of Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation. He's a Forbidden Magic Law practitioner, and the leader of Ark.


Soratsugu Madoka (Enchu) is a boy with blue hair up till his shoulders, same uniform as the students of the M.L.S, but wears a white cloak instead of black, He also has notably large blue eyes and fair skin.


Enchu is a polite, sensitive, and smart personalized boy, who became sadistic and evil, but soon returns to his kind side.


Enchu was originally a student of Magic Law, along with Muhyo and Yoichi Himukai (His teacher was Page Klaus Who was also Muhyo's teacher,). He lived with his sick mother, trying to keep her spirits up. Enchu worked hard in school and was smart, leading to him being a candidate for Executor, along with Muhyo. Muhyo was chosen instead of Enchu because Enchu was thought to be preoccupied with his mother. When his mother died, Enchu went mad. Teeki discovered him, and brought him into the Forbidden Magic Law association, Ark. But soon thanks to Muhyo and his friends, he lives happily in the Acranium. Soon, it is revealed that Enchu is a very soft, smart, and a very helpful person, during his childhood, he was friends with Toru Muhyo, Yu Abiko, and Yoichi Himukai. He is still a kind, helpful, smart, and sensitive child, and when he turns to the good side, he is the same way like he was as a child but still wants to be Muhyo's partner.


  • He likes tea, Biko's baked bread, Rio's homemade jam, tofu, dried fruit with honey
  • His talents are irritating Muhyo, studying, needlework, endurance reading, comprehending, understanding Page's poetry (he's the only one in the world who can), and summoning evil spirits in attempts of killing Muhyo.
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