Rie & Taeko (リエとタエコ, Rie to Taeko) is the 1st chapter of the Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation manga series.



Rie visits Muhyo and Roji's office. She catches the two in a fight for reading a Jabin book and nearly leaves. In the end, she stays and the two lawyers introduce themselves to her. To prove themselves to her, Muhyo exorcises the two animal spirits attached to his legs. Believing in the power of Muhyo's exorcism, Rie discloses the location of where the spirit is, "Fifth Platform".

Eventually, Muhyo and Roji follow Rie to a restaurant where she enjoys herself with her friends there until she moves away. A flashback involving Muhyo, Roji, and Rie; she discloses more about the spirit haunting at the 5th Platform in the Hashiki Train station. The spirit is Rie's former best friend named Taeko from school. It was after Rie joined the volleyball team this caused a disparity between the two since Rie started to spend more time with her new friends on the volleyball team. This leads accidentally killing after a confrontation in the train station. Back in the present, Muhyo and Roji prepare themselves to deal with the ghost that night at 2:00 a.m.

That night, Muhyo, Roji, and Rie await at the station at 2:00 a.m. for Taeko's ghost, however, at the start she doesn't appear. Eventually, after Muhyo and Roji put to sleep a couple of security guards, the area starts to fill up with a mist-like substance called Reirin. On Rie's side, Taeko's spirit appears binds and begins to consume her. In retaliation, Muhyo sentences Taeko Hades Stomach, however, Rie in an act of desperation, tries to save her. Although Hades warns that if Rie doesn't let go of Taeko, she'll be dragged into hell too. Willing to be sent there as well, Taeko stops her and convinces her to let her go as she was happy to hold her hand one again. Taeko then willingly goes into the afterlife and because of her acceptance of her fate, goes to the River of Styx instead.

A few days pass by and Rie tries to come in contact with Muhyo and Roji, however, they never meet with people who aren't clients.


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